Praise for Passionate Soccer Love

“Tanya Keith has been traveling to U.S. soccer games since 1993, including seven World Cups, and her highly readable book is a revealing (and fun) window into the adventurous life of a hardcore U.S. fan and her family. The growth of U.S. supporter culture is one of the great stories in American sports, and Keith has been there to see it all. I couldn’t put this book down.” — Grant Wahl, Sports Illustrated - Senior Writer, Fox Sports Television, SiriusXM FC Channel 94 

Tanya Keith is someone who lives out and embodies each of the words in the title of her book, Passionate Soccer Love— individually and collectively. With humor and grace, she weaves entertaining and heartfelt stories of her two families, the one with her husband and children, and the other her soccer family, which, like her support for the U.S. men’s national team, has no bounds. If, like her, you’ve fallen so hard and so deep for soccer, and appreciate the struggles and joys of family — on the field and off — you’ll see yourself in the pages of her book. Passionate Soccer Love is a highly worthy and recommended addition to the bookshelf of any soccer fan. — Jimmy LaRoue, The Daily Advance

     "The American Outlaws can fill 3-4 sections of a ballpark these days with rabid supporters. Outside of a few locales and a few opponents, USA fans are the majority at home. Fans are knowledgeable and passionate. This was not always the case.
      Tanya Keith tells the story of what it was like before the halcyon days in which we're now living, and how we got to where we are today. Her journey is simultaneously charmed and self-driven, and she managed to experience many of the milestones we've experienced as a soccer nation over the last 20 years.
      If you're a soccer fan, particularly if you're a post-2010 soccer fan, you need to read this book. Understand what the world was like when all we had was one BigSoccer thread to organize our away-game trips, and another such thread for those who could make the games to post in for those of us who couldn't. Understand what it was like when "American Soccer Fan" sounded very much like "Jumbo Shrimp" to the rest of the world.
      We can't know who we are today if we don't know where we came from. In this book, Keith has painstakingly, humorously, and vividly recorded our history. If you lived that history, read this book and laugh along with her recalling the old days. If you didn't live this history, read this book and have a better appreciation of where we are now." -Chris Dwyer, Author of "30 Days Across America" via

"Buy this book! Tanya Keith rocks the mic with this memoir. If you are a fan of U.S. Soccer, sports, or nonfiction, this text is for you." — Brandon Clay, American Outlaw

"I started reading the book about an hour and a half ago, at first just planning to skim through it for a couple of minutes ... my ass hurts from sitting on the cement hunched over my phone in the same position for over an hour. I just looked up and at some point between then and now clouds had gathered and it had rained...I missed all of that because I was so engrossed in your book. I am so excited to continue reading it. It's really hard to put down!!! .... But my phone is at 1% battery and it needs charged." -Viki Stodden, American Outlaw