Help Spread The U.S. Soccer Revolution! Fund the "Passionate Soccer Love" Kickstarter Campaign TODAY!

Help me go on a book tour and fund my Kickstarter! For the past three years, I've been writing and editing my first book, Passionate Soccer Love. This Kickstarter is to fund the final printing expenses and the book tour to promote the book.

But we can't do it without your help.

Everyone has a friend, coworker or family member who rolls their eyes whenever you talk about your passion for soccer. This book gives people a reason to understand why you feel they way you do.  If we're going to grow the sport of soccer in the U.S., it's going to have to be up to us to spread the word. Maybe by reading this book, they'll just start tailgating USMNT games with you, sign their kids up for youth soccer, or buy MLS season tickets. We're proud of our sport and be unafraid to share our love for the game. This book accomplishes this, which is why we need your help! 

 Help fund the book tour HERE and share this page to get your friends and family involved. Many thanks!